PressCoffee Portable Thermal Coffee Maker


Portable thermal coffee maker that works as a press, to prepare coffee anywhere.

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Your coffee ready wherever you go

There's nothing better than being able to take a cup of coffee with you on the way to work, right? But that's not always practical because we don't have the ideal container. Spilling coffee and causing an accident can be a very unpleasant situation. But we have a solution to this problem.

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The practicality you need for day-to-day life

Enjoy fresh coffee anywhere with the Portable PressCoffee Thermal Coffee Maker. With its 2-in-1 function, which combines a portable French press and a thermal bottle, you can prepare delicious coffee and keep your drink hot for hours, wherever you are. Ideal for those who are always on the move, whether for camping, travel, or everyday use.

Unique Features

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Easy to use and transport, without needing electricity or filters.

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Made with durable and high-quality materials for daily use and travel.

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In addition to brewing coffee, it keeps the drink hot for hours, making it perfect for a long day of work or travel.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I finally found the perfect coffee maker for my travels! Easy to use, practical, and the coffee is delicious. The only caveat is that cleaning requires a little more care.

Luzia V.


I can't live without my PressCoffee anymore! The coffee quality is amazing and the bottle keeps the drink hot for hours. I just had to adjust the amount of grounds for my personal preference.

Yasmin F.


It really delivers on its promise! The coffee stays hot for a long time and it's very easy to use.

Salvador O.


Frequent Questions

The coffee maker works like a French press, which is a coffee brewing method that uses infusion. Simply put ground coffee and hot water inside the thermal bottle, let it steep for a few minutes, and press the plunger down to separate the coffee from the grounds.

The PressCoffee thermal bottle has a capacity of 350ml, which is equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee.

Yes, the PressCoffee thermal bottle is made with high-quality insulating material and keeps the temperature of the drink for up to 6 hours.


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30 days money back guarantee.

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